Our CMMI 3 certificate is a reflection of the success of our corporate business process.

BDS, flying folder service!

Starting from today, built up your own fast cloud service, running on all platforms accurately, by BDS


R&D ProjectsWe continue our R&D operations continuously

Specific Software SolutionsWe provide, special and innovative solutions according to the requirements

WEB Based ProjectsOur standard for the Web Projects is perfection

Our Services

Telecommunications Systems

We provide software and hardware solutions according to the requirements of telecommunications companies and service providers.

Finance Management

We provide solutions for finance sector, meeting the aspects of financial requirements, by our experienced staff, our dynamic structure, local and international solution partners.

Information security

We provide high technology and innovative integrated projects related to IT security .

Automation Systems

By choosing the most appropriate structure for the customer requirements, we provide solutions ending the loose of work up.

Cloud Computing

We provide solution to make life easier for whom needs to reach their files and folders remotely from anywhere and anytime.

System Management

We provide support to our customers regarding to installing management systems, developing and applying system expertise and support.

Business Intelligence Solutions

We provide our clients and corporations, data warehousing, analysis and reporting related solutions by our technical and academic experience.

Web Analysis

We make analysis systems on web sites; in order to provide good content, personal Web specialization and personalized web page structure and related purpose.

Search Engines

We provide solutions, compatible to all internet standards, updated and developed search engines regarding to the software engineering standards.