Established in 2004, in order to provide, innovative projects parallel to the developing technology, to make R&D and consultancy service about Information technologies.

Our mission

Companies and end users to provide innovative and high-quality search solutions to access to large sets of information available worldwide to conduct research on the use of information and knowledge to create new services.

AGMLab, was located Since January 2005, in the technology park's Bilkent University Bilkent Cyberpark, From March, 2009 continues to work on projects at METU Technopolis including university-industry collaboration

AGMLab, at METU combining R&D activities conducted by specific software development experience in Search Engine, License Plate Recognition Systems, Intelligent Web Analysis System and so on. It has developed innovative products.

Our Vision

Increasing the workforce productivity, business processes that can be put in order, it is to develop innovative products that increase customer satisfaction and sales via the web.

AGMLab's human resources policy, talented, goal-oriented and constantly self-improvement is to keep the on-site engineers and researchers.

Our project team has extensive knowledge of large-scale and experience in R & D projects.

AGMLab's many R&D projects, which are executed currently, the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) and powered by Technology Development Foundation of Turkey (TTGV). Also, as technology partner in the European Union 7th Framework Research Programme, it is located in several project proposals.