AGMLab, it has strengthened its position in the success realized in the telecommunications industry sector.

AGMLab Information Technologies, the telecommunications company and service provider producing software and hardware solutions for their needs, a project until this year when the establishment has successfully completed.

Today the greatest need is essential and growing with each passing day and diversifying communication volume required by the telecommunications industry to bring innovative approaches and AGMLab to expand the range of solutions in Information Technology in Turkey as well as to provide in emerging market solutions to the world.

Cloud Computing

AGMLab Information Technologies, in his projects in developing cloud technology it has proved itself as Turkey's leading IT firms. Customers reset with the cloud technology investment costs. The investment to be made are directed in other directions.

Just a few minutes in a server installation time as they could profit from the work done. There is no risk of data corruption has no cost, such as maintenance. Our century has been widely adopted cloud computing as the most important developments in computing companies give much more importance to the cloud. AGMLab as software development and R & D project is a very important place in our area is cloud computing resources in Turkey and the world in recent years, increasing more leading companies are able to be proven between.

Automation Systems

AGMLab, which produces desktop, web, and the institutions with mobile automation solutions, services, materials and minimize the money grab.

Automation projects is to finish with the selection of the most appropriate structure to customer needs completely lost his job. In each sector, understanding today's competitive position to be in accordance with the continuous service as a solution to the desired applications, materials, services and capital would allow it to be monitored are producing innovative solutions.